dotacje_dla_firm In the years 2014 – 2020 for your projects are waiting over 82,5 billion euros, in which 20 billion euros are EU grants strictly dedicated for companies – we are ready for new challenges. In years 2007 - 2013 we have acquired over 556,000,000 PLN of grants for our clients 1,000 PLN spent on our services have brought our clients an average grant of 178,000 PLN We are characterized by high efficiency in obtaining funds for enterprises, local governments, universities and business clusters We are a team of certified and experienced experts in the field of complex project management wzorowe_podkarpacie Innovations are constantly taking us to the next levels – we are supporting new companies thanks to products design and services. We co-operate with market
leaders to implement innovation
and best practices
They trusted us  
  • EU grants

    We have extensive experience and high efficiency in obtaining EU subsidies. Until now, we have been preparing applications for the majority of both national and regional operational programmes. Being four years in the business, between 2008-2012 we have gained over 556 million PLN of grants for our customers.

    Applications for grants

    A grant application is the basic and most important document, on which correctness depends both formal and content-related assessment of a project. Our offer includes comprehensive preparation of documentation necessary to effectively raise funding - from an application, to all required attachments and supporting documentation, including reviews of innovation.
  • Project Management

    Our customers appreciate our assistance in the project implementation, particularly the preparation of grant applications and annexes to grant agreements, supporting the bidding and public procurement process, attention to the timely implementation of a project. These tasks are carried out by our experienced staff - 80% of our employees are certified Project Managers.

    Business Clusters Support

    Cluster policy is a very important element in promoting entrepreneurship, and it will play a key role in the EU 2014-2020 financial perspective. That is why today we actively support cluster initiatives through professional consulting, training and management of existing business clusters. We are members of business clusters associating entrepreneurs from aviation industry, renewable energy industry, plastics processing industry, quality of life industry, etc.
  • Business plans and feasibility studies

    Business plans, as well as feasibility studies are inseparable elements of investment projects, necessary when applying for loans, leases, EU grants, or other external sources of funding. Documents prepared by our company are characterized by correctness and quality. Particular emphasis is placed on their compliance with current regulation and guidelines. Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 provides internal control system and ensures attention to customer satisfaction.

    R&D projects

    We have experience in initiating contacts between business and research and development units. At present, research projects carried out by scientists and entrepreneurs are becoming a fundamental element of raising the enterprises' level of innovation and competitiveness in the global economy. At the same time, fast and effective commercialization of knowledge is the primary objective of research conducted by universities.
  • Technical Training

    Technical Training Centre provides professional technical training for enterprises and employees of the aviation industry, electrical engineering, welding, automotive industry, founding, etc. Our training offer is broad and we have support of both universities and schools of technology . If your pesonnel needs up-skilling or retraining, please contact us.

    Export Development Plans

    For enterprises planning to start or develop an export business, we elaborate Export Development Plans. With our support, you can get 50% funding for the acquisition of new markets and activities described in the Export Development Plan from curent national or regional operational programmes.
  • Sources of funding

    Together with our clients, we identify the best and most effective source of financing investment, training or research and development projects. We assist in defining the objectives and scope of the project. We have excellent knowledge of the possibilities of obtaining subsidies for enterprises, research units, business clusters, educational units.
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