INNpuls offers a wide range of consulting and training services – we specialize in:


  • EU funds – acquiring grants

    We obtain funds for investment, training, R&D projects. We would like to cooperate with enterprises, local governments, cultural institutions, research units, business clusters – with those who have defined the source of funding for their ideas, as well as those who need help in finding the money.

  • EU consulting – EU projects management

    The implementation of a project financed by the EU requires careful observance of the project schedule and of its material scope execution; attention to documentation, archiving and compliance with the rules of promotion is also necessary. Our years of experience and best practices can make this process more efficient for our customers.

  • Investment consulting – feasibility studies, business plans, financial and economic analyses, restructuring programmes, business valuation

    If an investment process is to succeed, it must be preceded by a thorough and rigorous analysis. If you need a business plan, a feasibility study, or you want to know how much your enterprise is worth, we are at your service.

  • EU applications – elaborating grant applications

    When you need a high-quality application form, consistent with the requirements and guidelines, developed by a team of experienced experts – report to us, we have our portfolio of hundreds of such documents.

  • Strategic consulting – export and development strategies, revitalization programmes

    Strategic planning provides the opportunity to evaluate where you are in your activities, and where you should be. This knowledge is indispensable for the development of every business entity. By preparing strategic documents for our clients, we become part of this process.

  • General and technical training – for enterprises, students, employees and those starting a business

    Our company is guided by the idea of continuous improvement. We specialize in business and entrepreneurship training, and you can also find specialized technical training in our offer, carried out by the Technical Training Centre.

  • Business clusters support

    The basis for the development of modern economy is cooperation. We can help business partners and competitors to establish joint plans for the development of the industry in which they operate. We can explain what a business cluster is and why you should be a part of one.

  • Other

    - advising on intellectual and industrial property rights
    - auditing enterprises’ innovation
    - supporting the transfer of knowledge between science and the economy
    - training needs analysis
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