INNpuls for science

The role of science and technology in modern society is unquestioned. Its development determines the development of societies, affecting in a direct way the improvement of living conditions and quality of life. Not only research and development are becoming Increasingly important but also trainings perfecting skills and increasing knowledge, and furthermore, introducing technological and product innovations determines both economic and social development. Therefore, the major challenge to the universities is to train highly qualified personnel for a modern economy. INNpuls Sp. z o.o., in cooperation with the universities, has undertaken a number of initiatives, thus supporting the development of science.

The package of services for the research units includes:


  • financial and economic analysis
  • application forms which allow to apply for EU funds
  • management of projects co-financed from EU subsidies
  • training on: innovative processes and projects management; the sources and methods of innovative projects financing; the processes and methods of commercialization and technology transfer; the intellectual and industrial property protection; business clusters as a means of improving SMEs competitiveness; industrial design as an instrument of raising SMEs competitiveness; the strategies and instruments of SMEs internationalisation; E-business – principles and techniques of doing business on the Internet; modern Internet marketing.


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