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Current projects




Innovation is measured, inter alia, by ability to transfer the results of scientific research to the industry. While cooperating with the companies and universities of Podkarpackie, we have noticed that although all links in the chain of innovation process, which favours the commercialization of knowledge and technology, are located in the Podkarpackie voivodship, there are still many organizational, financial and mental barriers to the process. Due to the fact, the existing potential does not translate into expected rapid growth in innovation of the Podkarpackie strategic industries such as heavy industry, including aerospace, or chemical, food, tourism and information industry. An answer to the problem is the second edition of SCIENCE – TRAINING – ECONOMY project with two-way apprenticeships for researchers in companies and companies’ employees in the Podkarpackie universities.
The project aims at initiating or boosting cooperation between the Podkarpackie researchers and strategic industry companies (heavy industry – including aerospace; chemical industry, food industry, tourism and information industry), conducive to the transfer of joint research results to economic practice.
The project is implemented within Human Capital Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority VIII. Regional human resources for the economy, Measure 8.2 Transfer of knowledge, Sub-measure 8.2.1 Support to cooperation of scientific environment and enterprises.
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Total budget of the project: 533 117,38 PLN

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