Pawel Wacnik, INNpuls founder and co-owner. Graduated from WSB–National Louis University (Nowy Sacz) in both management and marketing, and international relations. As a fan of European integration, he also graduated in European Studies from the Jagiellonian University (Krakow). He received training in Warsaw and in Washington, DC, but firmly believes that Rzeszow is a good place to live. He likes to juggle and to struggle, he had a turtle and a myrtle, but is not particularly fond of rhyming. Certified Project Manager.



Monika Szymanska, the founder, co-owner and most devoted fan of INNpuls. Few years ago, she decided that her experience in the field of regional development, investment, innovation and support funds can be used for running her own business and being successful, as it turned out.


Trained as a sociologist, graduated from the College of Pedagogics in Rzeszow. She continued her education at the Academy of Economics in Krakow during post-graduate studies in economics and management. Certified Project Manager. Professionally passionate about foreign direct investment and its impact on the development of our region – an aspect of her career which she is particularly proud of. INNpuls Sp. z o.o. Vice President. She spends most of her free time with her wonderful daughters, and the rest of it cooking Italian food.




Marcin Czuchnowski, external expert, co-operating with INNpuls since 2008. 194 cm tall. To get a university degree, he had studied at three universities and graduated in 2002 from the University of Rzeszow Faculty of Economics. To find his profession he have worked for about 10 years as a salesman, bartender, construction worker, waiter, marketing and advertising specialist. Favourite subject is “mathematics” – the queen of the sciences. Financial analysis is his calling. Financial analyses and forecasts... everything in Excel… formulas and equations... lots of formulas and equations. Now, he does what he likes and is good at it. And after work, “Tygodnik Powszechny” magazine and reportages.






Sabina Jurasz graduated in Finance and Accounting from the Rzeszow University of Technology. Her first professional experience as a consultant was an apprenticeship at INNpuls. After its completion, there was no doubt that she had found the right place where she would like to develop her skills. The youngest on the team. Calm and composed. Will perform every assigned task. Free time spent on the book, or with her husband in the Bieszczady Mountains. She cannot imagine a day without a cup of coffee. Dreams of a small house with a garden.




Michał Pilecki a born optimist, precise and conscientious, likes challenges. A graduate of Faculty of Economics at University of Rzeszów as well as Faculty of Applied Social Science at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. He took his first professional steps in both Aviation Valley Association and the Association of Polish Aviation Industry. Certified Project Manager, a graduate of the Cluster Academy 2012. His spare time he spends with his son, or alternatively, with interesting book or a good movie. Rests in motion – walking, cycling, going skiing or sailing. Crazy about winter.




Karolina Bartman, a realist with her feet on the ground. Graduated from Rzeszów University of Technology and the University of Wrocław. Currently studying at Wrocław University of Economics. Loves to travel. Has a rule: You have to act, not wait for things to happen! Ambitious and persistent. When doing something, she engages herself completely. Consequently pursues her goals. Takes up every challenge, because she likes to risk and feel an adrenaline rush. A committedvegetarian.



Dominika Tokarz is not tall at all, but of great spirit; an agreeably perky realist with a hint of optimism. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in European studies, she decided to acquire a Master's degree in Accounting and Finance. She came to INNpuls in 2013 as an apprentice and stayed. She also is a master of slack-baked cakes favoured by all INNpulsees.





Patrycja Pyrzak graduated in Mathematics used in Economy at Rzeszows University of Technology. She was a sportswoman (mentally she still is). She wa a member of Polish Diving Team. Being in National Team gave her abillity of self-discipline, hardworker attitiude and hundred percent commitment to achive her goals. She got her experience at the postacademics practices in INNpuls. After work she like to spend her time activelly but also she likes warm blanket some good book and hot tea.


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