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The term “business cluster”, and “a cluster” literally stands for “a group, a bunch”, was created and popularized by Michael Porter in his book “The Competitive Advantage of Nations”. A Porterian cluster – a central concept in his vision of global economy development – was the geographic concentration of interconnected enterprises, specialized suppliers, service providers, enterprises of related industries, and associated institutions, not only competing with each other, but also cooperating. In this approach, a cluster is gaining importance as the major centre of expertise, technological innovation and new standards of management, all affecting the proximal and distal segments of the economic and social environment.

Distinguishing features of a business cluster:


  • geographic concentration – critical mass
  • mutual competition and cooperation
  • skilled labour
  • high degree of specialization
  • the region’s flagship field – the tradition, the brand
  • international competitiveness
  • social capital.

The most important thing for the smooth functioning of a business cluster and its actual impact on the market is the dynamic structure of cooperative ties, that is an active response to the changing market conditions, new technologies and innovations on one hand, and generating new, interesting ideas that are the result of cooperation between enterprises, research centres, R & D sector, and public institutions on the other.

From the experience of the founders of INNpuls Sp. z o.o. stems a conviction that business clusters have a significant impact on the economy of a region and in the wider perspective of a country, Europe and the world. Therefore, the need for comprehensive support of existing cooperative ties, and for initiating the formation of new business clusters, especially those that bring together the transactors of the Podkarpackie strategic industries.


The package of services for business clusters includes:


  • advising on how to organize and formalize the structure of a business cluster
  • cooperative ties management
  • preparing the documents required to apply for EU funds
  • the management of innovative projects implemented by a business cluster
  • preparing the business cluster strategy documents, including development strategy, promotion strategy , and monitoring strategy
  • training for members of a business cluster.
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